A warm welcome from our Directors


My business partner Tim McDermott is a volunteer with The Bridge which is a major disability provider.

Listening to his stories & with the creation of the NDIS, we both recognize this as a landmark event to prevent young Australians with disability being housed in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities & low standard of housing.

While the NDIS is a huge leap forward, the missing component is accommodation.

The current NDIS national estimate is that 460,000 will get a carer support plan, but only 28,000 will receive a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) plan. What about the rest?

So we decided to do something about it, and established Secure Housing Australia as a way to achieve lifetime housing ownership for disabled persons who miss out on SDA funding.

Our website defines clearly the answers to “Why & What” and our mantra “It’s not a house but a lifestyle home”. This demonstrates our passion to help alleviate the disability sector’s accommodation shortage. Shared ownership for life of 5 star quality homes is the way of the future in the modern era.

Let’s move forward together.

Mark Peters


September 2018

Secure Housing Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Mark Peters

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Tim McDermott

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